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Prof De Angelis published a new book!

posted 30 May 2020, 13:32 by Maria Antonietta Vincenti
- MAY 2020 -

The book "Nonlinear Meta-Optics" edited by Costantino De Angelis, Giuseppe Leo and Dragomir Neshev and published by CRC Press is now available! You can find the book here!

This book addresses fabrication as well as characterization and modeling of semiconductor nanostructures in the optical regime, with a focus on nonlinear effects. The visible range as well as near and far infrared spectral region will be considered with a view to different envisaged applications. The book covers the current key challenges of the research in the area, including: exploiting new material platforms, fully extending the device operation into the nonlinear regime, adding re-configurability to the envisaged devices and proposing new modeling tools to help in conceiving new functionalities.